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s/p anon meme iv

New home? New post. You know the drill.

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I love what you've done with the place!

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I really needed this, because omfgwtfbbq.

Then, it would appear that just like Victor Frankenstein, this modern-day Creator gets tired of his Creation; he begins to distrust it, dislike it, and fear it. For reasons which can never be known or understood, he does not like the colorful and vivid Howard, the wild and mischeivous Howard, the playful and hypersexual Howard, the fun and confident Howard, the spontaneous and brilliant Howard.

...were we watching the same show ever.

I will *never* accept this new version of Howard’s story. Do you hear me? I will *never* believe in it. I will *never* view him as one-half of a duo that includes this repulsive, hideous, disgusting , preposterous “wife” you’ve surgically attached to his side. He is not half a character, or half a person. I will not subject myself to promo pictures in which Howard is always, always, always paired with this thing, this mannequin, this rat-faced wax figure, taking up space. You can’t present him to me as merely half of something. You can’t present him to me as this frightened and passive worm, this groveling, apologizing, driveling nebbish, because I cannot recognize him, in that guise.

Okay then!

Do you get that? I reject your new version of things. I will not cede any ground to those things. I will not allow those things to enter my mental landscape, or to stay there.

Which is why you've written over 7000 words about it? Rent free, right there.

The Bride is a Caffeine-Free Diet Coke which has gone flat from being left open for three days. Howard 1.0 is a shot of liquor in a glass of fresh-squeezed happiness.

oh my g o d

Weddings and babies are the last recourse of the creatively bankrupt.

Well, okay, maybe.

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There is Raj and Howard, and they are a team, a duo, a pair, a unit. They are buddies, companions, comrades, partners in adventure and endeavor. They are sufficient.

Are we talking about the same Howard who regularly ditched Raj to chase after women whenever possible?

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Does she know there's a difference between "satire" and "pissing and moaning"?