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all-inclusive recommendation post

Ask, and ye shall receive. Now with subject lines for her pleasure.

sheldon/penny - underground

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Lesser known (but equally awesome) stories?

Re: sheldon/penny - underground

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A Fine (Not Finite) Romance by misbegotten.

Starts here (

Why I like it: a good solid shipper fic. The writing is good and well-handled.

The Kiss.

Sheldon was not one to assign capital letters without care. This definitely merited a capital T and K. Not only had it been an aesthetically pleasing kiss, but it opened an entirely unforeseen body of Penny -- data, blast it! Body of data.

Re: sheldon/penny - underground

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What Lies Between.

A really twisted AU

Re: sheldon/penny - underground

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Story not found.

Which is good, because I'm sure it's that shitty one about human sacrifice.

sheldon/penny - classic

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Old favorites or stories you'd rec to fandom newcomers?

Re: sheldon/penny - classic

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allthingsholy: & light is now only just breaking:

betternovembers: Nothing Stays Together When You're Making Noise: (yes, I know it's the fourth in a series, people just have to go back and look)

concupiscence66: The Bozeman Conflagration:

courtney_beth: Sheldon and Penny vs. The Laundromat:

damalur: The Universe and You:

dashakay: Hold Me Closer, Tony Danza:

ishie: Stay Classy, San Diego:

jazzfic: as the seconds pass, count them out:

muirwolf: Take Me Out To The Black:

notalwaysweak: Addenda to Sheldon's Schedule:

relenafanel: Wednesday Routine:

Zenkindoflove: The Sweet Vibrations Discovery: